Unlock Your Potential with the GPNi UK Endurance and Marathon Nutrition Coach! 
Are you ready to take your exciting first steps towards becoming a sports nutrition specialist? Nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant life, and it plays an essential role in how we perform in the gym, in our leisure activities, and even at work. In fact, it's a well-known fact that 80% of the results we achieve, whether it's a toned body, improved energy levels, or enhanced performance, stem from our nutrition choices, with exercise contributing the remaining 20%. 
But not all nutrition knowledge is created equal. Many online nutrition courses offer "general" nutrition guidance that might help you survive but won't empower you to thrive as an individual. 
That's where the Global Performance Nutrition Institute UK (GPNi UK) comes in. This fully online course teaches you how to THRIVE and DEFINE YOUR EDGE to stand out in your journey towards optimal health and performance. 
This course will educate you on various dietary strategies for endurance training and sport and how best to apply these principles in your fitness practice. You will also gain a fundamental understanding of the physiology of endurance training. Fundamental nutrition concepts will be covered in order to understand more specific dietary approaches, proven and backed by research. 
All of our training and dietary protocols are supported by the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) and have been published in leading sports nutrition research journals, ensuring they are both safe and effective. Furthermore, Dr. Jason Lee has contributed exclusive research on performance nutrition strategies, emphasizing precautions and safety in endurance training. 
Embark on a journey with GPNi UK and transform your sports nutrition understanding — you'll learn to expertly navigate the landscape of sports nutrition knowledge, separating hard facts from fiction and identifying solid research over subjective opinion. 
Study online, at your own pace, through the course materials, then complete a presentation and exam to become a certified Endurance & Marathon Nutrition Coach. You will be fully supported through your journey with GPNi UK - we're here to help you succeed! 
Once certified you will be listed on the global GPNi website under the global nutritionists listing. 
To further your sports nutrition studies, the course also holds 4.5 Continued Education Credits (CEC) points for the ISSN – Sports Nutrition Specialist (SNS) Level-1 Certification, as well as the Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) Level-2 Masters. 
Want to know more about our Endurance & Marathon Nutrition Coach course?  
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