Upon completing the Sports Nutrition Specialist certification, you will have learned many sports nutrition strategies all backed by science and research, covering: 
How when you eat may be as important as what you eat for athletic performance. 
How nutrient timing incorporates the use of methodical planning and eating of whole foods, fortified foods, and dietary supplements. 
How and why the timing of energy intake and the ratio of certain ingested macronutrients may enhance recovery and tissue repair, augment muscle protein synthesis (MPS), and improve mood states following high-volume or intense exercise. 
What the best natural nutritional supplements and foods are to boost physical performance. 
Optimal dosages of key nutritional ingredients for maximum efficacy and safe results. 
The right sports nutrition plan for the right athlete and athletic performance. 
Traffic light system on supplementation, the products that are proven to work and backed by science according to the ISSN® literature. 
Gain an in-depth understanding of the ISSN® Position Stands. 
Ethics and best standards of practise for global performance nutrition. 
How to build your nutrition business or sell your new services to your new and existing clients 
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